2020 Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge

What do you when you fear something?  Do you resolve it or avoid it? I have been an integrated marketer for 20+ years, but I am somewhat new to content marketing.  At times, when I am working on something to publish online, I draw a blank.  I can easily write ads, analytical reports or develop marketing collateral, but the thought of writing a blog or publishing an article makes me so nervous.   

I have resolved my fear of public speaking through being active in Toastmasters. Getting Feedback and working on my craft, has helped me evolve as a speaker. I now love writing and delivering speeches.  

To take my writing to the next level, I recently joined the  2020 Stretch Yourself Challenge.  It is a 30-day event focused on content marketing. 

 My goals are to: 

-Alleviate my writer’s block 

-Develop a blog 

-Update my website.  

This is my first time doing the Stretch Yourself Challenge. I am so excited.  I am posting daily to the online message boards and enjoying participating in the meetings. The Triads in Stretch Yourself are wonderful.  Triads consist of three people meeting to share their projects while giving feedback and support to one another.  I love getting tangible advice to improve my projects. Thus far I am fine, but some people have warned me that triads can be addicting.  

I plan to do the following Stretch Yourself challenges: 

-Apply to speak at conferences 

-Write blog posts 

-Develop a Virtual Summit 

I am looking forward to applying to present at conferences.  I had a wonderful time speaking at the 2020 WordCamp Miami.  I loved networking with the speakers and participants.  As part of the Stretch Yourself challenge, I will update my blog with fresh information.  Although I have planned events for almost thirty years on and off-line, the world of Virtual Summits is new to me.  Virtual Summits are a great way to meet speakers and further your personal brand.   

Columnist Al Wiseman, once wrote that he was tired of repeating his New Year’s Resolutions, so he just made a checklist with check boxes to avoid having to write the list again for many years. Some of us have been writing ditto on our standard content marketing project checklist for far too long.  I recommend the Stretch Yourself Challenge so that you can start moving forward through taking things off your list. 

One of the greatest assets of the Stretch Yourself is challenge is Kelly McCausey. She is a gem.  Kelly has created a Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Home Study Guide with step by step directions to achieve your challenges. Grab the 2020 Stretch Yourself Challenge Manual NOW! At $42, it is a steal.  Use coupon code 2020SELFSTUDY to secure the discount. 

Whether you have avoided doing a content marketing project due to procrastination or fear, this is the right challenge for you. I discovered the Stretch Yourself Challenge in August of 2020.  My only regret is not doing it sooner.   

13 thoughts on “2020 Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge

  1. Cynthia, there are definitely things that I fear. I have learned for me that it is best to replace fear with knowledge. That is exactly what you have done with this challenge.

    Keep stretching!

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  2. Oh my goodness! I can so relate to “writing ditto on a checklist”! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a new to-do list by moving forward the things I didn’t get done from the OLD one. I agree that the SYC is a huge help in actually marking those things off the list.

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  3. Your stretch challenge of developing a virtual summit is an exciting idea that I look forward to getting an update on. Accomplishing it within the 30-day time frame of the challenge is a victory that awaits a big celebration especially so since you’ve been thinking about it for almost 30 years.

    I agree with you that Kelly McCausey, the master creator, is one of the greatest assets of the challenge. She should be proud of how she’s been positively affecting people’s lives and, as participants, the most that we can do at this point is promoting the challenge study guide.

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  4. Successful people aren’t successful because they’re fearless. They’re successful because they act despite their fears. Those on the outside label them as “fearless”. Congratulations to you for taking action to perfect your potential.

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  5. Cynthia, I love hearing that this is your first time doing the SYC. It’s such a life changer. And, I love the three challenges you selected to complete. I really know this will forever change your life and business. And, it looks like you have a strong start on one of your goals — starting a blog. Congratulations. Wishing you the very best through the SYC and beyond! To your success!

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  6. It looks like you have experience already in pushing yourself, getting support, so you can tackle something new. So I know you are going to love the growth and ongoing momentum that comes from the Stretch Yourself Challenge. Way to start checking things off!

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  7. What great goals! I love your authenticity, that even with all the deep and varied experiences you have there are still ways to grow and things to learn. Too often people feel pressured to project a “perfect” or “know-it-all” presence when instead by sharing your journey you give others the encouragement to tackle their own challenges. I am glad you have gotten so much out of the Stretch Yourself Challenge!

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  8. Cynthia,
    This is exciting that even with your deep business experience, you can find room for growth in the SYC. Congratulations. And yes, be careful, triads are addicting like Lay’s Potato Chips; bet you can’t have just one!

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  9. Yes, triads can be addicting🙂 but I think they are one of the best parts of the challenge.

    I love how you set clear goals and jumped in to be an active part of the community. Wishing you great success as you create lots of positive momentum in your business! ❤

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